About Us

Our Mission

Angeion Group was founded with a mission to modernize class action notice, administration, and class member payments —  to break the status quo and make the class member experience as smooth and seamless as possible. By hosting informational summits and inviting experts across the legal profession, Angeion seeks to set the stage to promote greater understanding amongst class members, attorneys, and judges.

Professional Expertise

Angeion manages administration for many of the largest, most well-known, and most complex settlements in history, involving billions of dollars and hundreds of millions of class members.

Our Credentials

Growth Mindset

In 2022 alone, Angeion sends over 300 million electronic notices to class members and distributes over 10 million digital disbursements, and is projected to send 600 million electronic notices to class members and distribute over 20 million digital disbursements by the end of 2024.


Angeion continues to advocate for clear and appropriate class member communications, modern and thoughtful digital distribution, and user-friendly class member websites and portals.​

Our History

In 2017 The Judicial Conference Advisory Committee on Civil Rules set up a series of public hearings to contemplate amending the rules to account for the realities of the 21st century. That February, Angeion Group CEO Steven Weisbrot testifies at the request of the rules committee, where he discusses algorithmic advertising, advanced targeting using Big Data, and other high-tech tactics.

“The new proposed rule is rooted in commonsense and progressive logic that mirrors the current media landscape yet remains flexible enough to accommodate the changes in technology and media that currently shape, and will inevitably continue to inform, advertising performance for years into the future…I am confident that the proposed amendment, when combined with rigorous judicial analysis, will not only safeguard class members’ right to receive the best notice practicable, but it will also increase efficacy and efficiency, to the collective benefit of all stakeholders.”

Networking Oppertunity

Angeion prides itself on their ability to organize experts and leaders from across the industry to their exclusive summits for professional dialogues, discussions, and workshops to provide their attendees with a one-of-a-kind experience for networking, growth, and development.

We invite you to take the opportunity at this summit to connect with peers from different firms and practice areas. Grow your network by showcasing your expertise and services to potential clients, referral sources, and strategic partners.